the Clown


Programmer.  Reader.  Gym Rat.  Clown.

About me:

Hi, I'm Omar the Clown! I've been making people laugh for over 20 years with my wacky antics and silly jokes. I love nothing more than bringing joy and laughter to people of all ages. When I'm not performing at birthday parties and community events, you can find me practicing my balloon animal making skills or rehearsing new comedy routines. My ultimate goal is to one day perform at the world-famous Cirque du Soleil. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope to make you laugh soon!

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Here I am performing in an alleyway!

A side note about Einstein’s theory of relativity…

As a clown, I don't have a lot of experience with fancy science concepts like E=mc^2. But from what I understand, it has something to do with energy and matter, right? And c is the speed of light, which is really fast!

I may not be a physicist, but I do know that laughter is a form of energy. It has the power to light up a room and bring joy to everyone around. And when I'm performing, I try to use my energy to make people happy and forget about their problems for a little while.

So even though E=mc^2 might be a bit over my head, I like to think that I'm doing my own small part to create energy and spread happiness through my performances. And that's what being a clown is all about!